Patient Information

Office Policies


Appointments Only

All patients are required to call ahead of time and schedule an appointment. If you walk in to the clinic without an appointment, a receptionist will assist you by scheduling your child a designated time to be seen.

For families with more than two children, Over the Rainbow Pediatrics will only schedule an appointment for two children per family at a time. We do not want to schedule more than two children at a time for safety reasons.


Late Arrivals

Our staff strives to keep your wait to a minimum and our patients are scheduled accordingly. We therefore request that you arrive promptly at your scheduled time. If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, it will be rescheduled out of courtesy to the other patients that are being seen that day.

Patients that arrive early for their appointments will not be seen before other patient’s arrival. It is important to arrive at your designated time to prevent crowded waiting rooms.


Waiting Room Etiquette

  • Please limit the number of guests attending the patient appointment.
  • Food or drink is not permitted.
  • Please limit phone calls as it can be disruptive to other patients.


Co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of service. This is in accordance with your insurance company policy. In addition to checks and cash, we accept debit cards, VISA and Mastercard.


Phone Calls/Messages

Our nurses attempt to return patient calls on the same day received; however, because of the high volume of calls that we receive, any messages taken after 4:00 p.m. will be returned the NEXT business day. Phone calls are returned in the order they are received. Please do not call more than once.

If you call the office after hours or during the weekend, your call will be forwarded to the staff member on call. Please be aware that if you leave a voicemail during this time to please say your phone number slowly and clearly.

Please refrain from talking on your phone in the waiting room and when the nurse or provider is in the exam room. Please keep phones in silent/vibrate mode.


Patient Demographics

Patients are required to have their patient demographics updated on an annual basis. This includes patient information, guardians who are permitted to bring the child in for their appointments, emergency contact, pharmacy information, insurance information and acknowledgement of patient policies/procedures.

Required at each visit: valid driver's license and insurance card. Patients with name or custody changes must present documentation. If there is a name change, ensure that it is updated with your insurance carrier.

The appointment is subject to reschedule if a patient arrives with a guardian who is not listed on their patient demographics and if a driver's license is not present. This policy is to ensure the safety of the patient.


Form Requests

Please allow 24 hours for forms to be completed. This includes but not limited to: blue cards, school medication forms, WIC forms, sport and camp physical forms, referral requests, letters, etc.

Please allow 5 days to fill out any Head Start forms.

There will be a $40 charge for all FMLA papers that need to be completed.


Prescription Refills

Please do not call our providers after hours or on the weekend to request a prescription refill. They do not have availability to your child's record at that time and are reluctant to fill prescriptions without necessary information. Allow 24 hours for refills to be called in to your pharmacy. Because of insurance requirements, please allow up to 48 hours for a prior authorization (PA) to be completed and faxed to your pharmacy.

Remember to bring all of your child's medications to their appointments.


No shows

It is important to call ahead and cancel scheduled appointments. Please give a courtesy call at least an hour before an appointment if the patient is unable to attend. If a patient has 3 no shows within a twelve month time frame, the patient and their siblings will be dismissed from the practice. If the patient calls after the scheduled appointment time to reschedule an appointment, it will still be counted as a no show.