Our Services


When you come in to Over The Rainbow Pediatrics for scheduled visits, we can make sure you're on a healthy path. We can perform routine care services as well as provide comprehensive and personal service.

Focus on ADHD

If you are concerned that your child may have Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder, please ask your provider to screen your child for this condition. We will provide you with important guidance on parenting, school performance, and treatments with and without medication.

Ear Piercing

$35 includes a pair of 14k gold earrings with safety clutches and a bottle cleaning solution. Child must be 6 months or older.

Sports Physicals

Seeing your pediatrician for routine well-child visits and sports physicals helps keep your child's medical records and health history up to date. Pediatricians are also trained to identify and treat both medical and bone/joint problems that are commonly seen in children and adolescents who play sports

Wart Removal

Most warts go away in weeks or months with no treatment. Common warts can often be treated with over-the-counter products. Treatment of warts depends on how long they have been in place, where they are on the body, what type of wart they are, and how many of them are growing. Some treatment methods may cause pain and burning in the area treated. 


Immunizations are important to keep your children healthy, and help prevent the spread of diseases to other children around them. Give your child a strong future and call us today to schedule their immunizations.

Preventative Care

It is essential that pediatricians and other child health care providers continuously examine their approach to keeping children well and thriving in order for them to develop into productive adults.